Now that people are more knowledgeable about diets, allergies, additives and nutrition either for medical reasons, or lifestyle choices, you are quite likely to have to cook regularly for people with some form of dietary constraint. Here you will find on just one site, information, recipes and common sense to save you having to trawl the internet or buy many different books to feed your favourite friends safely and with ease. The work has been done for you.

If you are a dedicated follower of recipes you will be better off than the open the kitchen cupboard and chuck it in type of cook like myself. In this instance I beg you to follow the recipes to the letter. Be pedantic!   These recipes are tried and tested and they are scientifically correct for each particular diet.   They are based on knowledge gained from dieticians, gastroenterologists, and the food industry. What is familiar to you may be the enemy of the coeliac guest: the wrong stock cube or a dash of Worcestershire sauce to finish will waste your valiant efforts. The instinctive knob of butter in the potatoes which you will have done thousands of times before means goodbye to your long soak in the bath as you will have to knock up another quick batch of mash before your Vegan guests arrive.

If in doubt don’t. You can’t take it out once it is in!

The food industry changes rapidly, so please read the section “what’s it all about” which briefly describes the function of each diet, common mistakes, and pitfalls to watch out for.

The aim is to get you through a dinner party or a weekend, armed with concise information about the requirements you are catering for, a list of pitfalls to avoid, a handful of recipes which will fit in with other guests and above all will not leave you with a cupboard full of odd flours and exotic ingredients that you have never heard of and don’t want or need again despite having spent a fortune on them.     It is tempting not to invite people with special diets – especially if they are very restricting but there is no need: a little bit of planning with help from here and you should be able to produce delicious food which suits everyone and doesn’t single anyone out.  These recipes are some of my favourites but with tweaks!

To get the best results from this site:  use the recipe filter for gluten free/dairy free etc – as many as you need!  then further down the home page is another filter for main meal/salads etc.  Use both filters to bring up your shortlist…